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4.2 3 reviews
Research is a key design driver for TMD STUDIO. As architects and designers we are fortunate to experience the overall process, from the first conceptual phase to the completion of high quality projects. 3D and parametric modelling tools are at the centre of our design process, and we use them...
4.2 3 reviews
Pick Center, a historical reality operating in the business center sector of the city of Rome, proposes work spaces in new generation office buildings and a wide range of common spaces in which to meet and work in a new and collaborative way. The flexibility of the spaces goes from open space...
Level On Demand
3.5 1 review
Level the playing field with on demand real estate services We are experts in commercial and residential real estate finance and contracts. When you need fast results to specific real estate needs, Level provides neatly packaged services that are a great "return on investment". Whether you...
3.5 1 review
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