Hotels - Bitcoin Gold (BTG) accepted

Hotels, resorts, villas, guest houses and etc accepting Bitcoin Gold as payment
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Found: 3
Travolier Hoteliermart
3.1 1 review
Award-winning HotelierCoin is on a mission to disrupt the travel loyalty program by replacing loyalty points with loyalty coins, earn "HotelierCoin" as a cashback from a travel booking, travel payments, or posting travel contents at HotelierCoin holders automatically enrol in...
3.1 1 review
Delphin hotel
Delphin Hotels and Resorts offer a holiday beyond dreams in Antalya, Lara, Kundu, Okurcalar and Alanya regions with well known beaches, waterslide pools, children's playgrounds and restaurants offering exquisite tastes.
Hostería Encantó del Lolog
We are a boutique hotel, located in lake lolog, province of Neuquén. We offer a delicate service and care in all the details, with the highest quality for our clients. Our land offers countless opportunities to enjoy unspoiled nature at its best, with lake coast (Lolog), Rio coast...
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